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oh god,
I'm gonna die alone.


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"Well too damn bad." he said with a grin, letting himself multiply, only one though, and this one was behind her, which tapped her on the shoulder with the same goofy grin that the original had on his lips.

Giving a start, Mandy swung around on instinct and socked him in the jaw. She hadn’t believed him for a second, of course, and expected some stranger instead of a double.

"—oh, it was true."

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I'm out at a Burger King half hour outta town with a blood-soaked jacket ; and this family at the next table's lookin' at me kinda funny. I mean, I would be too if I saw some random kid smearing ketchup all ova' himself to hide the blood.

      Yo, what's up with you?

Sitting up next to Dib (who’s knocked the fuck out) and reading stuff on my phone. Can you get back alright? You got money for food? Whose blood?

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vintage covers | listen

a compilation of the best covers done by scott bradlee & postmodern jukebox (youtube channel: scottbradleelovesya), noted for their vintage covers of popular songs.

i. call me maybe (vintage 1927 cover) - originally by carly rae jepsen / ii. don’t you worry, child (vintage “great gatsby” style cover) - originally by swedish house mafia / iii. thrift shop (vintage grandpa style cover) - originally by macklemore & ryan lewis / iv. sk8er boi (motown tribute cover) - originally by avril lavigne / v. beauty and a beat (1940s swing style cover) - originally by justin bieber & nicki minaj / vi. gentleman (vintage gatsby-style cover) - originally by psy / vii. get lucky (irish folk cover) - originally by daft punk / viii. how you remind me (motown tribute cover) - originally by nickelback

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"No I ain’t!" he said and let out a laugh. "I can create multiples of m’self… I’ll prove it too!"

"I think one of you is just about as much as I can handle."

She reminds herself that this latex-clad hillbilly is close with one of her only friends, and takes a small breath.

"Alright, get on with it."

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地 —          Thank heavens he hasn’t had enough tonight

                  to be honest-to-goodness shit-faced. He’s well
                  on his way, though, slurring and giggling through
                  the crowd as he tries to find ground and sit
                  somewhere. The tide of the people, pushing
                  and pulling and dancing, is sucking him in
                  and he fears if he stops, he’s going to lose his
                  footing and fall flat on his face in the middle
                  of the club. — Kicked out of a bar, what a night
                  Clay would have had if he’d been driven down
                  to the station. Ha.

                  Then he sees her — it takes his fuzzy mind a
                   few moments to realize it — but it’s her, pissed
                   in all her blonde glory, arms crossed over her
                   chest and gaze deadly as she scans the crowd
                   for him. Their eyes lock, and while he smiles
                   sheepishly and waves, her scowl and pout only
                   grow deeper on her face.

                   It really doesn’t suit a gorgeous girl like her.

                  — Woah, where did that thought come from?
                   Clay stumbles across the floor and people to
                   reach her, all the while chuckling softly under
                   his breath.

                                     ” — Glad you could make it, Mandy.”

So he wasn’t actually vomiting, at least that was some sliver of compensation of having to drive all the way out here. Through Clay’s fuzzy vision and slow blinks, he probably missed Mandy’s subtle action of curling and uncurling her fist. Frustrated with his ever-present friendly attitude, she sighed and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the large crowd of patrons.

Vicious words bubbled on her tongue, begging to unleash themselves and to give him a good thrashing about how dare he drink without someone as responsible as her around. Mandy held them back, each remark stifled underneath a quiet growl.

"This isn’t a rendezvous, Clay. Don’t act like you’re not in trouble."

Even though she wasn’t looking directly at him, she could tell the cowboy had shrunk a bit, looking similar to a beaten puppy. It’s not like he intentionally made a stupid decision, and she sure as hell didn’t enjoy blessing him out, but Mandy was not an easily-forgiving person on the best of days.

"We’ll talk about it at home."

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"Pardon me, my lord. I was hoping that you’d allow me into the confessional."

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"You’re just fucking with me, right?"

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